IceCOLD® Refrigerant Catalyst


IceCOLD® is a scientifically engineered synthetic catalyst that restores lost efficiencies in any type of HVAC and refrigeration equipment. IceCOLD® allows a system to produce colder supply air resulting in reduced compressor run times, lower energy consumption, less maintenance, and longer equipment life.  

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What Is IceCOLD®?

IceCOLD® is a revolutionary breakthrough synthetic solution which is added to your HVAC or refrigeration system’s refrigerant. Your system will ultimately run less because the HVAC unit reaches the thermostat set-point faster and maintains the temperature more efficiently. This can extend the air conditioning system’s life and reduce maintenance. There are many applications for residential, commercial, industrial and automotive sectors.

What Does IceCOLD® Do?

Can reduce your HVAC energy consumption by 20% or more*.

Delivers colder vent air faster.

Reduces equipment maintenance costs.

Reduces compressor noise.

Extends equipment life, because the equipment runs less.

Lasts for the life of the cooling system’s compressor.

The most cost-effective way to restore lost system SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio) performance.

*Independent testing shows that IceCOLD® consistently delivers 20%+ efficiency improvement to cooling and refrigeration systems. Typical system installations yield paybacks of less than 12 cooling months.

Versatility of IceCOLD®

The IceCOLD® catalysts deliver significant, measurable value to every industry sector and organization. Cost savings are generated throughout the climate control and refrigeration cooling chains in all main operating environments, including:

Comfort Cooling and Air Conditioning

Pre-cooling Processes

Manufacturing Processes

Refrigerated Storage

Retail Refrigeration & Chilling

Refrigerated Transportation and Distribution

How Does IceCOLD® Work?

IceCOLD® removes oil-fouling, thus improving coil heat transfer and delivering colder air faster. It also delivers up to 54% higher lubricity* to compressor oil.

* Intertek Laboratory Test Results

What Is Oil Fouling?

Oil Fouling of the heat transfer surfaces of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, will cause a loss of efficiency that will continue to accumulate.

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers) confirms that over time performance is degraded by 30% due to the build-up of lubricants on internal surfaces. Higher percentages up to 40% have been observed in systems 20 years old or older.*

In all air conditioning and refrigeration systems, 0.5% to 8% of the compressor’s lubricating oil circulates with the refrigerant.  This oil attaches to the inner walls of the refrigeration tubing and acts as an effective insulator to heat exchange.  It is these oil deposits that ultimately block heat transfer and reduce your system efficiency.

Equipment suppliers may state that in a particular system, migrating oil concentration has been reduced to only 1%. This 1% being referred to is 1% of the total oil volume. If a compressor holds four quarts, or 128 ounces of oil, then at 1%, 1.28 ounces is flowing through the system at any given time. Since a capillary tube, the oil pressure switch or expansion valve can be fouled with a few milligrams of oil, and when 1% of any oil charge is flowing constantly through the system, the system will become oil-fouled.

The Proven Benefits of IceCOLD®

IceCOLD® helps achieve and maintain a high level of system performance.

Improves heat transfer (“Q”)
Extends compressor system life
Reduces friction noise and vibration, less wear
Contains no gummy, system-clogging paraffin or olefin waxes
Poses no health or safety risks
Contains no toxic or carcinogenic materials (chlorine or sulfurs)
Contains no environmentally hazardous materials
Increases lubricating capability of compressor oils
No ingredients are on the EPA “List of Lists”
Reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere

Savings Mechanism

The actual savings mechanism includes not only the reduction of amperes that the compressor’s electric motor uses while running, but also with the removal of the oil fouling, there is a more efficient refrigerant absorption rate and lubricity increases which makes the system more efficient causing colder supply air (or faster chiller water cool down) resulting in the equipment running 10% to 20+% less on average.

Always Delivers

  IceCOLD® cannot damage a refrigeration or air conditioning system, if it is correctly installedIceCOLD® is an engineered synthetic catalyst, not an additiveIceCOLD® is priced to achieve payback within 12 cooling months

Compatible & Risk Free

IceCOLD® is compatible with the normal temperature operating ranges of compressor oils and refrigerants. The pour point of IceCOLD® is – 23°C. (-9°F) IceCOLD® is non-toxic and it is not harmful to metals.*IceCOLD® will not cause damage to rubber seals and gaskets.*An IceCOLD® formulation is available specifically for ammonia systems.The only refrigerants for which IceCOLD® is not recommended are R-123 and R-11.IceCOLD® has a successful history since 2002. It is fully insured against damage to equipment and there has never been a damage claim.

*Intertek Laboratory Report

Green Technology

IceCOLD® not only reduces your total annual electric bill (of which 40-80% can come from cooling), but for each 1,000 kWh of electricity saved , the U.S. Department of Energy states that 1,341 pounds of CO2 emissions will not be released into the environment.

Consider this example:

One of our corporate customers installed IceCOLD Technology® in 10 modest-sized refrigerated warehouses and subsequently reported an annual CO2 emissions reduction of 960,000 pounds per year.

In this case above, not only were environmental impacts reduced substantially, but this customer saved on the cost of the electricity that would have been wasted, further depleting the planet’s non-replaceable resources.

An estimated 40% of the world’s electricity use is for air conditioning and refrigeration cooling. To reduce that by 10% to 20% would be of great significance. If the billion air conditioners and refrigeration units all had IceCOLD® technology, the global reduction of CO2 emissions would be much impactful. There is no other technology today that can reduce CO2 emissions for such a low cost.

IceCOLD® was awarded honorable mention for a study conducted by the Uptime Institute. The study was conducted in 2012 and focused on data-center energy reduction. IceCOLD® delivered measurable and substantial efficiency gains and energy reduction in data-center cooling equipment, which led to the recognition as an innovative green product for the IT industry.

McDonald’s Australia conducted a 5-year study on 6 locations to test energy efficiency products. After the study was completed, McDonald’s Australia recognized IceCOLD® as a recipient of their “Global Best of Green” for 2012. IceCOLD® demonstrated an average energy efficiency increase of 20% for the duration of the 5-year study  

Cold Chain

The synthetic refrigerant catalyst, IceCOLD® benefits every link in the Cold Chain.

Link 1: Farm/Manufacturing Plant – IceCOLD® helps to increase the throughput of pre-coolers by reducing the time taken to cool produce to the required temperature. In addition to enhancing the processing capacity of cooling equipment, faster cooling of produce from harvest temperatures to circa 34°F can increase shelf life.

Link 2: Cold Storage – Maintaining a consistent temperature across the Cold Chain is critical to preserving food health and quality. Improving the energy efficiency of cold storage facilities reduces operating cost. The improved energy efficiency also delivers cold air faster with lower levels of humidity.

Link 3: Distribution – Installing IceCOLD® in refrigerated delivery trucks (Reefers) generates three key benefits:A significant reduction in diesel consumption resulting in cost savings.A significant reduction in carbon emissions resulting in environmental protection.A significant reduction in temperature recovery times resulting in less waste and more deliveries.

Link 4: Food Retail – The growing consumer demand for healthier food with fewer preservatives has resulted in retailers having to install more refrigeration capacity. In the food retail environment IceCOLD® can play a major role in helping to reduce the operating costs of both comfort cooling (A/C) and refrigeration.

Reefer Example: Independent IceCOLD® Test Results

Reduce Fuel Consumption: Fuel consumption tests performed on the unit showed fuel savings of 14.30%.

Faster Cool Down Schedules:  The time to recover the interior temperature of the trailer to -10°C was reduced by 15 minutes following the installation of.

Reduced GHG Emissions: Tests conclude reduction in GHG emissions of 2.60 tons (tonnes) per vehicle each year based on a 9 hour run time.  

Reduced Compressor Run Times: The unit compressor cycled-off more frequently and throughout the test. The average duration of cycle-off times increased by 15%.  

Commercial Application to Reduce Wasted Energy

IceCOLD® can be used in the majority of commercial HVAC units and refrigeration systems. The synthetic catalyst is compatible with all common refrigerants. There is also an IceCOLD® formula for treating ammonia systems. Refrigeration systems such as refrigeration racks, walk-in freezers, salad bars, reach-in coolers, and food prep tables located in supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and convenience stores can all benefit from IceCOLD® energy efficiency.  

Office Buildings

In office buildings throughout the world the IceCOLD® catalyst has been installed in HVAC Rooftop Units (RTUs) and large chiller systems. The synthetic catalyst helps restore and maintain a high level of system performance, while delivering colder and better quality air. IceCOLD® is a green product, it poses no health or safety risks, and it contains no harmful toxic or carcinogenic materials. Office buildings equipped with RTUs or chillers average 18%-24% savings in kWh consumption, with a similar reduction in carbon emissions and green house gases.  

Data Centers/Computer Rooms

In 2012 the Uptime Institute honored IceCOLD® with its Green Enterprise IT Award (GEIT). The award recognized the product’s energy efficiency performance in a New Jersey data-center. IceCOLD® was able to reduce the data-center’s annual kWh usage by USD $922,000, and the center achieved payback in just 6 months.

In addition, IceCOLD® was able to reduce the vent air temperature by 5 degrees, increase the efficiency of the units by 26%, and reduce the cycle run-times by 22%. Together, these enhanced operating efficiencies reduced the energy usage and carbon footprint of the facility significantly.


Restaurants across the world have installed IceCOLD® as a non-disruptive solution for cutting the cost of operating both comfort cooling (A/C) and refrigeration. Installing the IceCOLD® catalyst in restaurant HVAC units creates drier colder air that adds value to the customer experience. Behind the scenes, IceCOLD® reduces the operating cost and improves the performance of all restaurant refrigeration systems.

IceCOLD® has been installed in Pizza Hut restaurants in the U.S. state of Kansas. IceCOLD® has reduced total kWh consumption at the restaurant by an average of 20-24%. The salad bar is an important section of the restaurant that is particularly sensitive to temperature. It must operate within a specific temperature range at all time. If the salad bar temperature does not comply with required regulation, the restaurant is forced to remove all the produce on display and achieve the regulation operating temperature before the restaurant is allowed to restock. Following the installation of IceCOLD® in the restaurant’s salad bars, the units have not had a single temperature violation.

As a participant in the Australian Government’s Global Best of Green program, McDonald’s Australia installed IceCOLD® in their HVAC and refrigeration systems at 6 restaurants. The objective was to test the product’s energy efficiency performance plus its long-term viability. The test ran for 5 years and throughout this period IceCOLD® consistently delivered an average energy efficiency improvement of 20% to all 6 restaurants.

Convenience Stores/Supermarkets

HVAC and refrigeration systems can contribute 60% or more to the total energy cost of a supermarket or convenience store. Installing IceCOLD® in these facilities can reduce kWh consumption by 12-18%.

Following the installation of IceCOLD® Tesco, the leading British supermarket chain, experienced a 24% reduction in kWh consumption. Similar results were found in OpenCore/SuperCor units operated by el Corte Ingles in Spain where the average reduction in kWh consumption was 22%.

IceCOLD® was also tested in the Frigus Bohn Factory Laboratory in a new multi-door Heatcraft refrigerated case designed for use in convenience stores. The test concluded that the installation of IceCOLD® reduced the energy needed to cool the refrigerated cases by 28%.

Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated transportation is a critical link in the Cold Chain. The ability to move perishable goods and produce from the source of supply or manufacture to the point of sale is dependent on the safe and reliable operation of refrigerated trucks (Reefers) and trains. In most cases long distance refrigerated transportation is handled by Articulated Trucks pulling semi-trailers fitted with a dedicated auxiliary refrigeration unit, which runs off its own diesel supply. Box trucks are smaller in size and generally used for local deliveries. Typically Box Trucks also have a dedicated auxiliary refrigeration unit, but their diesel supply comes from the same tank that feeds the truck engine.

Installing IceCOLD® in refrigerated trailers may have the largest financial, operational and environmental impact of any industry.

Diesel Consumption: IceCOLD® significantly reduces diesel consumption through enhancing compressor efficiency causing the unit to reach its set-point temperature faster and cycle off more frequently.

Delivery Schedules: Every time the trailer doors are opened to make a delivery the temperature inside the trailer can increase. If the trailer temperature does not comply with the required standard, store managers can refuse delivery of a shipment because the delivery temperature is governed by regulations. IceCOLD® enables faster recovery of the set-point temperature inside refrigerated trailers reducing equipment down-time and contributing to the quality and safety of perishable shipments.

Carbon Emissions: The ability of IceCOLD® to significantly reduce the diesel consumption of a truck’s refrigeration unit has an immediate and direct impact on cutting carbon emissions. Every gallon of diesel consumed by a truck’s refrigeration compressor produces 22.2 pounds of CO2. Installing IceCOLD® in a large reefer fleet can reduce the emission of millions of pounds of carbon every year.

10% Savings15% Savings20% Savings30% SavingsDiesel Savings per unit275 gallons
(1,040L/yr)412 gallons
(1,560 L/yr)549 gallons
(2,080 L/yr)824 gallons
(3,120 L/yr)GHG Reductions per unit6,217 pounds
(2.82 tonnes)9,326 pounds
(4.23 tonnes)12,434 pounds
(5.64 tonnes)18,651 pounds)
(8.46 tonnes)Fleet GHG Reductions155,425 pounds
(70.5 tonnes)233,028 pounds
(105.7 tonnes)310,631 pounds
(140.9 tonnes)466,057 pounds)
(211.4 tonnes

Treating 25 reefer units, 140.9 tonnes (310,631 pounds)  of GHG emissions would be eliminated annually (based on 20% savings)
*Calculations based on maximum utilization of reefer equipment

These Savings Are Equivalent To

Passenger vehicles driven for one year

Barrels of oil

House hold electricity bills

Gallons of gasoline consumed

Installing IceCOLD® in reefer units typically delivers a 20% to 30% reduction in diesel fuel consumption. The average payback is 9 months or less depending on how often the reefer equipment is used. The IceCOLD® catalyst is installed once and lasts for the lifetime of the equipment. Following the installation of IceCOLD® a reefer unit operating for just 5 years could expect to achieve a 1000% ROI.  

Customer Comments and Performance

7-Eleven Corporation

I want to thank you on behalf of 7-11 Inc, for the improvement that your IceCOLD Technology™, LLC has given the air conditioning and refrigeration equipment in our CDC combined distribution center warehouses. From the initial installation in the Lewisville, Texas CDC which has showed a reduction in electricity cost of 23.6%.

Barber Foods

Oh behalf of Barber Foods, I want to thank you for introducing me to IceCOLD Technology™, LLC to us, coordinating a successful pilot installation at our Milliken Street Facility, and developing a detailed and comprehensive proposal for expanding the use of IceCOLD® at both our Facilities. I was extremely pleased and impressed that the pilot installation of IceCOLD® in one of our Trane 15-ton air conditioning units demonstrated a 42.7% efficiency improvement.

Ben E. Keith

….we installed IceCOLD® in our Trane HVAC roof top package units (1 thru 16A) a total of 17 units at our main warehouse facility in Ft. Worth TX. Prior to installation of IceCOLD® we were frequently replacing compressors annually per unit. However, since installing IceCOLD® the need to replace compressors have been greatly reduced, and maintenance cost have been significantly reduced also. The IceCOLD® saves on the life of compressors, run hours plus additional savings on power usage per unit.

Brian Boru Public House

We are pleased to inform you that since installation of IceCOLD® in our refrigeration and ice machine, our electric bills have seen a reduction of 21 percent the first month and 24 percent the second full month post installation. We are happy to be a referral for IceCOLD® to other pubs, bars, restaurants and businesses. That you for showing our business such incredible savings in energy cost and carbon emission.

Cafe Mezza and Grille

Thank you for introducing me to the “Ice Cold” refrigerant treatment for my air condition system.
This product really dose what you said it would do, after installing the IceCold® this June in our units, we have experienced a much cooler air coming out of our AC units than before, even through this year has been much hotter then last year we were able to keep our dinning area cool all day long and keep our customers happy not complaining about the heat.

Chuck E Cheese

From personal observation, I noticed that the kitchen was cooler, the air coming out the vents was noticeably cooler. The temperatures in the kitchen stayed below 80 degrees for much of the test. Only on the 12 and 13 did the temperature raise to over 80. This was due to high head pressure in the secondary compressor unit causing it to shut down. I feel that this product would save the company money on energy use in the range of 20 to 40 percent on AC usage per year.

City of Lakewood Colorado

I want to thank you on behalf of the City of Lakewood for the improvement that the IceCOLD® technology has provided to the air conditioning equipment at our Heritage Center Building located in the City of Lakewood, Colorado. The City of Lakewood Received an improvement efficiency of 31.5 percent after the inclusion of IceCOLD® and are looking forward to including IceCOLD® in additional systems in the future.

Fairfield Resorts

…we installed the Refrigeration Compressor Oil Fouling Remover Technology in all the Air Conditioner/Heat Pumps at our Facility. At the end of six months, electricity cost savings calculated from our data was an average of 28.1 percent reduction of from the previous year. At this rate, the ROI/payback on our investment in the technology will be under one year.

Hunter University

We have seen IceCOLD™ deliver excellent results in our 10 ton Trane chiller. It has increased the efficiency of our system by over 20 percent. The unit is working less and cooling better and faster(documented). We will get a payback for our investment in less than 11 months! We have requested funds to treat all our units with IceCOLD®. IceCOLD® will save energy and help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Norbord, Inc.

On July 12, 2010 we had US Refrigeration Technologies’ IceCOLD® catalyst installed in our office air conditioners at our Mississippi OSB facility. We noticed faster cool down and colder vent air. According to our measurements the equipment is operating 15 to 20 percent more efficiently.

SOS Wholesale Flowers

I had the privilege of using IceCOLD®, which was able to fulfill all my expectations as a customer. Now my saving is $300.58 per month. The payback for my investment will be in 3 1/2 months. Also my compressors are running like new, my place is freezing cold and I understand that since the compressors are running 18 percent less; the life of the compressors will be extended for at least 18 percent longer.

National Distributors

I wanted to thank you on behalf of National Distributors, Inc. for the improvement that IceCOLD Technology™, LLC has provided to our refrigeration equipment. National Distributors, INC received an improvement efficiency of 39.45 percent after the inclusion of IceCOLD® and is looking forward to inducing IceCOLD® in additional systems in the future.

WolMed Clinic

I had 20 percent savings in electric bills at our Denton clinic in the 12 months since you put your product into the air conditioners.

West Hills Community College District

On behalf of the West Hills Community College District, I would like to thank you for the improvements that IceCOLD Technology™, LLC has provided to the HVAC equipment on the facilities at three of our campuses to date. The West Hills Community College District began testing the performance of IceCOLD® in June of 2012. We initially achieved efficiency gains from 19% to 22% and have continued to receive positive results over the past three plus years.”

Frank Gornick, Chancellor

Buffalo Wild Wings

I want to send you a letter and thank your company for introducing us to your product IceCOLD®. We saw the results from your data logging that showed a 38% increase in efficiency but the true results have been felt by the cooler kitchen and lower electric bills.

Pinal Sitaram, Owner

Transervice Logistics Performance Food Services

I have been using the product in my refrigerated trailer unit for about 5 years at this point and have not seen any evidence of failures to any of my equipment that could be related to IceCOLD®. I have seen only greater performance from the addiction of IceCOLD®.

Bud Shockley, Operations Manager

Unibright Foods

In addition to increasing the efficiency of our ammonia refrigeration equipment, the use of IceCOLD Technology™, LLC has significantly improved the efficiency of our office air conditioning systems and reefer trucks. We have amassed substantial savings cost, with a greater than 17.50% reduction in use of power units (KWHs) and fuel when compared to normal electrical consumption as measured by data loggers. This information was based on pre and post IceCOLD® installation data presented in a final report prepared and reviewed by an independent orgination. We truly appreciated how thorough and professional you were in handling the project.

Daniel Ogita, President/CEO

Diamonds International

As Head of Operations for Diamonds International in Mexico and Alaska, we have been developing and implementing solutions that have high impact on energy savings and are environmentally friendly. As a result, we have deployed a successful proof of performance of Ice Cold with the company AMPS in one of our stores in Cozumel, obtaining significant savings over 13% in energy consumption reductions, and are currently looking into expanding this solution into all of our stores, not only in our in our Mexican operation, but to our shops all over the Caribbean and USA, that sum up to more than 144 stores.

David Molina, Operations Manager, Mexico and Alaska

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