Joshua R&D Technologies LLC

Mission Statement

Joshua R&D Technologies develops highly useable innovations to significantly improve people’s everyday physical and spiritual lives, the earth’s environment, and the world’s economy and stability.

Who We Are

Joshua R&D Technologies is a diverse collection of applied physics, intellectual properties, trade secrets, innovations and patents developed to make significant changes in our lives in energy conservation, healthcare, pollution abatement, sports safety, sports entertainment, highway safety and sustaining ecology.


Joshua R&D Technologies is an intellectual property development firm, with a highly diversified portfolio of intellectual properties, trade secrets, innovations, and patents. Our patent portfolio currently consists of more than 20 issued and pending patents, primarily in the areas of:

Energy ConservationHealthcarePollution AbatementSports SafetySports EntertainmentHighway SafetySustaining the Earth’s Environment

We actively identify, protect and commercialize our intellectual property, which includes the development of a comprehensive patent strategy. We also utilize copyright, trademark and trade secret laws to protect our intellectual properties.  We further protect our trade secrets and other proprietary information by requiring non-disclosure agreements from all employees, consultants, contractors and third parties who may have access to such information.

We market our developed products directly, or through the licensing, franchising, or outright sale of an Intellectual Property to an outside Enterprise.

We seek Enterprises with infrastructure already in place that are looking for new, complementary, replacement, or upgrade technologies in their current markets, or in their desired entry markets. For each product/I.P. we have knowledge of its market sector, competing technologies, those already in that market space, product penetration and the market and IP values.

Our goal is to help make significant, positive changes in our world while providing an exciting, challenging, and rewarding opportunity for our associates, partners and clients.

Joshua R&D’s motto:

•Physics done right

•Design done right

•Components done right

•Assembly and testing done right




David R. Pickett – Founder and Managing Partner

David is a serial inventor, author and founder and managing partner of Joshua R&D Technologies and several other technology companies.

He served as Vice President of Operations, Engineering and Quality for PC Service Source’s (NASDAQ PCSS) CYCLIX Division, Vice President of Engineering for CERPLEX (NASDAQ), as a Board Member and Vice President of Operations, Engineering and Quality for Amstar/EFT DataLINK, and founded Flextronic’s digital manufacturing operation ($6.75 billion – NASDAQ FLEX) for Michael Marks and Mike McNamara. With over 35 years in leading edge technologies, his senior level experience encompasses the fields of applied physics and chemistry, telecommunications, computers, medical and consumer digital electronics, with both hardware and software development.

Mr. Pickett holds the US patent for the first non-R/F “contactorless” smart credit / bank card. He developed and holds the IceCOLD®intellectual property, a technology that makes AC and Refrigeration Systems up to 15% more efficient, which is now sold in over 40 countries. (Mr. Pickett received a Pentagon medal for IceCOLD® as one of the 10 Best inventions of 2014).

Mr. Pickett studied at Georgia Tech, and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, where he also served as a Physics Instructor. He is an Ordained Elder in the Presbyterian Church, is active on two Ministry Boards (Cuba and Peru), and his church’s two homeless ministries. Mr. Pickett is actively involved in missions work around the world.


– ebooks and paperback, audiobook




2021 400 pages

Being relentlessly hunted through the residential streets of DC by AI drones, Charlie Robertson runs for his life, playing hide and seek with death from above after he escapes from the lab where he and his team have discovered a deep cover-up that has eluded the entire government from Senate committees to the Security Council; even the high level security at ultra-secret Broome Lake.

Charlie and his team of special ops mercenaries boldly go right to the secret base to try to expose that the Lab Director, with the aid of the government’s fleet of AI supercomputers, is planning to coerce an immensely dangerous game to give him unlimited power.  

Follow Charlie and his elite team through the tunnels in a mind blowing firefight with elite military security forces that ends with one of the most sought after secrets of the century.

Available in paper back or ebook
Available in paper back or ebook


An Appointment with the Future

2022 400 pages

Seconds before his assassination, Abraham Lincoln was snatched from his box at Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC. for an appointment with the future. 

The year was 1865 as the nation struggles to recover from internal division and the disaster of civil war. Through an accidental breakthrough by two tinkerers, he emerges in the year 2029, when American again stands at the precipice of international conflict and dangerous internal struggles. Who brought him into the present and how?  More importantly, why?  Can his years as a wartime president as well as his innate wisdom and powerful words heal division and guarantee that the government of, by and for the people will remain on earth? 

Only time will tell.



2023 400 pages

“…am I committing suicide or being reborn?”  Charlie Robertson makes a bold decision in a one in a million-survival chance to change history that results in a fight to free North Korea and its nuclear threat, and fleeing from high level and international threats to him and his family.  Try to keep up with Charlie and his ‘Uncle’ Dwight Eisenhower as they plunge into unimaginable futures…"

Jerry R. Aris – Project Director

Mr. Aris served as President of Worldwide Product Sales, Inc., Vice President of Westar Logistics, Inc., General Manager of HLB Transportation, Inc., as well as Director of Recruiting for Gemini Traffic Sales, Inc. and AAA Interstate Transportation LLC. With almost 30 years in business management, his executive experience includes International Business Management, Sales and Marketing, Corporate Recruiting, and Transportation Management.

Mr. Aris is a U.S. Army veteran, a graduate of the U.S. Department of Commerce Import and Export Certification Program, and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Central Florida. He also holds a  Master's degree in Christian Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. Mr. Aris serves as a Consultant for Discover Israel Ministries, and is a member of the Board of Directors for Bob C. Ross Ministries. 

Edward Wachendorfer – Legal Counsel

Mr. Wachendorfer is a business lawyer with extensive experience in commercial transactions, commercial real estate, commercial lending, energy law and corporate law. In private practice, Mr. Wachendorfer has handled a wide variety of commercial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and company financing. He has represented both private and public companies, and has drafted and negotiated a variety of agreements for long-term business arrangements with Fortune 100 companies. Mr. Wachendorfer also held the position of General Counsel for the largest on-demand airline in the United States.

Mr. Wachendorfer received his Bachelor’s of Business Administration/Accounting from the University of Oklahoma. He obtained his J.D. from Pepperdine University School of Law in 1987, and his LL.M. from Southern Methodist University School of Law in 1988. He has actively practiced law in the Dallas area since 1988.