FuelIONIZER® Engines

Fuel Ionizer Engine

Fuel Burned In Atmospheric Air Oxygen Never Fully Burns; It’s the Physics.

Resulting in...

- pollution* (*multiple nasty chemicals) 

- excess carbon

- excess CO2, CO…

- raw fuel 

all being released into the environment

It’s the Physics

Fuels exist in “globules” (bundles / clumps / balls of fuel molecules) 

NOT as individual fuel molecules.

This big glob of fuel molecules are clinging to each other, so only the molecules on the outer edges where the oxygen in the air contacts the fuel molecules, actually burn.

As the molecules of fuel on the inside of this glob of molecules do not contact the oxygen in the air, they either:

-Do not burn at all, putting raw fuel into the environment as a “pollutant”

-Or burn incompletely creating, raw carbon, CO2, CO, nitrates, and other nasty chemicals we call pollution.

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